Monday, May 21, 2007

could I take you for a car ride?

So I wake up today at 6:15pm ish, check email, and my lehigh course has been moved to 8-9am or pm. WTF, is there no solidarity for scheduling? I already planned my entire summer schedule/work and whatever based upon the dates/times I was given. I hate last minute changes. I'm way too overly anal/ocd about that stuff.

Friday was hs prom + that whole deboggle. I'm basically stalking fb/untag. I have a feeling my summer is gonna suck. Minus the fact that I'll be buying a new chanel or balenciaga. And I'm def getting the mbmj wrislet in the post below. It's just sitting at Nordstroms waiting for me to buy it. Hopefully, it'll go on sale? Oh my god. BEAUTIFUL.

I start my 3 day training tomorrow. I need to call to find out how I exactly get inside. The mall opens at 10, but I have to be there at 8am.

I need to get a haircut. Getting way too long, I want to either dye it dark brown or jet black almost blue.

ps: Grey's Anatomy sucks now. But, holy crap Sandra Oh can act.

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ashley heaton said...

aww that's what i like to hear!
yeah, i'm so happy with how it turned out :)