Monday, May 14, 2007

we're planning on showing off our dresses.

Mother's Day was fun. Don't remember much, went to a buffet, it was packed. I really don't get the point of buffets... is it really necessary for oneself to stuff themselves full to the point of rediculousness for 20 bucks a pop? REALLY? I'm not a fan, but the froyo was pretty great.

Had my first job interview earlier today at Nordstrom. I wanted to work in the collectors department (D&G, Just Cavalli, Missoni), but they're not hiring and they're all full year. Sucks. BP is quite competitive and I have a shot. I don't want to see 2398479 spoiled middle/high school girls. Or clean up dressing rooms/fold clothes.

Anyways, it's a 3 part process and I have an interview tomorrow w/ the head of Accessories. I'll prob most likely end up there. Though just for the record, I'm a little disappointed because I think Nordstrom's handbag department is quite dismal, on-line is much better.

A little part of me is kind of regretting that I didn't apply to either Saks or Neimans. Higher-end would be more suitable, career wise. Oh well, there's always next summer?

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