Saturday, May 12, 2007

short and sweet to the soul i intend.

So I've been too lazy to figure out why I haven't had internet access for the past week? Whatevers. My dad's out of the country and my bro came home from uni today. Thus, INTERNET! And on that, my razr has been dead. It's quite wretched. Sometimes, you just need to disconnect with being "in the loop" in the know. Whatevers. My apologies for being mia.

I've been using this week to relax and catch up on my loverly shows. For all you junkies, I just need to vent my frustrations:
  • Veronica Mars: This has got to be the most underrated show on tv right now. It's unmistakably one of the best, whitty shows that I've seen focused for a younger audience. The character chemistry is fantastic and it is very well written. I love Kristen Bell and I'm obsessed with her, esp her recent plot line with Chris Lowell (Piz). I'm assuming he will be written out of the script since he's set to be on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off. Good for him. Though, VM will be at a loss, esp for all the Piz-oniva fans.

  • America's Next Top Model: I for one, can not stand Tyra Banks. But I do love this show. Okay, I've predicted since the beginning Natasha was going to win. I think she's quite fabulous, though her "story" and her background does suck and isn't very good AMERICA'Sntm. But, minus that... I can't stand Renee. I think she's fake and Jaslene just pisses me off. I don't think she's pretty at all, more manly if that. "Oh, I want this sooo badly. Blahblahblah." You suck. If Renee or Jaslene, I'll be pissed.

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