Saturday, September 01, 2007

a weight is lifted on this evening.

Long overdue. A bad drunk finally occurs at the perfect timing! First week. Smack right early in the year. It's just so simple keeping everything boggled together. Less conflict. Less confrontation.

I DO try my very best and "sacrifice." But what do I get in return? It sucks that I think of this and have these feelings but, I'm stretched too thin. All I want to do is go peace out and leave and just go somewhere else. And that's not even an option.

I just don't trust them. Yet. I don't want to give them a chance to prove themselves right or wrong. It's a pretty ridiculous thing to say, and I'm sorry about it. But, whatever. What's done is done. And what I feel is more important that what the hell people think. There's a few people that I absolutely would love to be all ~*bffl*~ with.


But, I put more into it than I get back. Actually, I don't think I get anything much back? A conversation during dinner? WHEE!

I think I'm being taken advantage of.
I'm selfish.
Thank you and goodbye.