Saturday, June 02, 2007

you and me could change the world.

This whole thing about me getting a job and taking courses is not turning out as smoothly as I originally planned. But I'm not going to bitch about that nonsense.

Nordstrom is fun, commission based sales is a bitch yet quite exciting. I'd rather do personal shopping but I have already started to lease my talents out... $20/hour and I'll revamp your entire wardrobe or find the perfect ensemble for you to wear to somewhere ~*fancy*~!

Social life is keep-keepkeeping alive... hah I barely have anytime to relax, let alone see anyone but I'm getting there. My loverly ki, sm, and others this past weekend. It was fun. And obvi the daily sex & the city gang. Okies that will do... I'm way to bothered to actually upload/post pictures.


ps: Oh and it kinda bugs me that Lily Allen thinks she's ugly/not pretty. Yeah, just bugs me a litle bit...

pps: Shameless promotion, JUNE 6 = Nordstrom Women + Children sale. GO GO GO!

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