Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the summertime girls got it going on.

I've been trying to get my bittorrent hands on Factory Girl. Sienna Miller is just such an intriguing character and well, the movie seems to remind me of a la Almost Famous mode. Anyways, I'm very much determined to see it, if not the acting, then the fashion itself. And plus, who can't laugh at the 10 seconds of fame that has become of Mary-Kate Olsen? Seriously she's in the back scene admiring a piece of work. Oh irony!

Okay, so summer hasn't really hit full swing, though I've already returned to my partying/Paris Hilton ways. lolz Nevertheless, I've been going to bed like at 5 in the morning and waking up at 6pm just in time to watch Friends. And rinse and repeat.

It's time to buckle down. What exactly do you have in mind? It's the carbs. All the mother god-awful carbs. All those lovely frat parties and social events. Who seriously googles the nutritional facts of Natty Lite? Guilty.

We keep it classy.

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ashley heaton said...

thanks! my major at ucla is english btw. ...and yeah, i've been doing the same thing. party til 4, wake up for early class the next morning, repeat...not a good thing! stay healthy :)