Saturday, October 20, 2007

every boy every girl, spice up your life.

At 10am this morning all mayhem went lose ie, the Spice Girls sent out emails announcing their new tour dates and links to Being the loverly drunkard that I was, I woke up at 1pm made lunch, watched some Dr. 90210 and then turned on my computer and checked my email. FUCK!

All floor and lower level seatings where sold out. And, the price for those seats got set into the next tier seating. Sucks so much ass, now I'm not really a concert whore, but I am very much upset that I couldn't get my ideal seating, and perhaps sell other tickets on ebay for 2000 grand. Which brings me up to another point...

Hannah Montana, for those of you who are blessed to not know of this creature, I hate you. I don't even know what HM is or that of Miley Cyrus a little annoying 14 year old girl who I can't stand. People are flipping out about her and her ticket prices are ridiculous, totally not credible or even worthy of a Spice Girls ticket. Whatever, she's going to be another Disney fuck-up, Hill Duff or Lilo. You know, shed a lot of pounds and then pick up a form of substance abuse.

But for now, I must pout. Boo you whore.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

what if you change it back?

I promise I'll update real soon guys. It's just been way too hectic. But I'm loving the shopping I've been doing. Not so much school tho.