Friday, November 23, 2007

you can stand under my turkey.

I really enjoy Thanksgiving and even though (for the sake of generalizing) it's lost all meaning, I still manage to sit with my cup of tea, a cigarette (in my dreams, I'm at home), my macbook, and reflect on what I love about my life or the wonderfulness that lessens the horribleness in my life just a little bit.

1. My Uggs- classic short in chocolate. Seriously, the only reason why I love these fucks is because when it's a chilly (usually hungover) morning, I can slip these on and walk to my class. Lehigh is just that much better when you're on my feet. And football games. Well, Lehigh/Laf, you've managed to do your job. Honestly, the marginal utility that I get from you. That satisfaction is worth the $119.95 price.

2. Vanessa and Debra for teaching me the Soulja Boy dance. Honestly, no frat party OR ANY PARTY FOR THAT MATTER is a party without some asshole cranking that shit on loud. Yes, ma'am, I sure would like to "superman that ho."

3. Seriously. LOVE this place. I look forward to their newsletters everyday! What they wore esp. I found out that Lilo ows a lot of the same stuff that I own. Plus, Peaches G is my fav. God love yah!

4. Gossip Girl. Blair is UES chic in a heartbeat. I grew up with girls like this. I'm best friends with a Nate, but truthfully I love the assholes. Chuck Bass if my type of guy. You and your scarves tease me. Honestly, I think this is going to be bigger than The O.C. because atleast the writers have a plot to which they can sort of follow. The O.C. was just a huge plot mess. AND HANDS DOWN, THE CLOTHES ARE SO MUCH BETTER ON GG. Plus, it's really cute when you see everyone referring to each other by their initials.

5. Life. And the miraculous privileges and opportunities it offers you. With that said, I leave you with pictures from this past weekend aka Lehigh/Laf.

Gossip Girl is watching,
xoxo j


Bojana said...

Haha, some little kid taught me the soulja boy dance but I already forgot it. I hate that song haha it's so silly :)

discothequechic said...

say yess to whowhatwear daily!

I only wish they posted more, though.

Ana said...

ooo sorry i never got back to you on trading links-i'd love to

i like uggs-dont be ashamed. ITS BETTER THAN FROSTBITE on your tosies.