Wednesday, November 07, 2007

he was a rebel without a cause.

It really sucks when your friends have to turn to your blog to figure out what's going on in your life. Sorry about that. School is like killing/raping/murdering me right now... it's examination week and I manage to focus my time (ie LAST NIGHT) on spring break destinations. Seriously. I've pretty much screwed up this semester and am at the point where I' m a lost cause. Right now, I'm just walking to class, sitting there and trying to stay awake, going back to my house, sleeping, and smoking my lungs out.

You know how people are like, "you usually change your major atleast once" while in school or whatever. Well, I laughed that bs off because I thought I knew since I was little what I wanted to do with my life... and apparently at Lehigh. Double major in Finance and Supply Chain Mgt. Intern at Neimans/Saks. Do editoral work for Condé Nast. Be a buyer for Bergdorf. So basically what I want to do with my life... doesn't really match up with the $45grand I'm spending at Lehigh for my degree. I mean, SCM kinda (and I'm pushing that) has to deal with buying. But there's a big dif between fashion forecasting and predicting how much steel you need for a Boeing airplane.

I might just do Supply Chain Mgt and Journalism. Or communication. I don't know yet. But, I need the Finance major or that $45grand goes for nothing. SCM is pretty much bs. It just pisses me off that I still have to suffer through shit like accounting. I mean, yes, everyone needs a general idea of what accounting is, but I spend an entire day on 5 problems. It's kind of ridiculous.

Or maybe, I should just drop out of school.
Move to NYC or LA.
Go around town on a bike and/or public transportation.
Live off my parents' money.
Do charity work by day.
At night
Smoke and become a hipster.
Get ridiculously skinny like old times by not eating.
That will be my contribution to mankind.
I'll have so much time to update my blog.

... it sure beats reading about "lehigh"

Ugh. I have to figure out my spring schedule. Not. Fun.


ashley heaton said...

aww thanks! i will be updating my links soon and will definitely link to you.

Anonymous said...

finally a update! i want to join you on your whole moving to la. shall we do it? i'll bring a bike!
- sierra

emsie said...

great blog
we can trade links if you want :)