Monday, December 10, 2007

it's a lucious mix of words and tricks.

Wow, again sorry about my lack of motivation... life's been interesting to say the least. This past weekend was the last night out before the start of finals, so I very much so enjoyed that aspect. Got so extremely happy drunk Saturday night... which was made 10x better with Spice Girls playing. And wearing a dress and heels.

I had so much stuff to talk about but now I just either, 1) don't care anymore 2) am too lazy to put it to words 3) slash, and am just lazy and forgot. haha

Boys suck. So old pictures for now.

ps: God, I hate Tila Tequila. Her entire show should be on mute. She's annoying as fuck.

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Bojana said...

wooow those shoes!!

Orgasmic :)