Saturday, November 10, 2007

you can be my new black kate moss tonight.

One of my favorite bloggers, Susana from The Stiletto Effect tagged me to "post 8 facts about yourself/things you love." And obviously you know how I'm never a person to pass up talking about myself... and this is obviously no exception. lol

1. I am absolutely obsessed with Lilo aka Miss. Lindsay Lohan. I don't think there is anyone else living on this world who can look so damn hot with blonde, brunette, black, or red hair. Seriously, she's gorgeous! I fully supported her during her post Mean Girls "plump" and pre "It Girl" party girl to BFFL with Paris and Nicole, her DUI rehabs, and her love for cocaine. Honestly, I will admit that I would trade lives with her in a second. Plus, she has such great fashion and style sense. Ugh. She's just so classy~

2. I've been featured on Mark Hunter's thecobrasnake two times while in California. They are currently my claim to fame slash my greatest achievements to date. Obviously, I'm not being that serious, but it's pretty fucking awesome to be featured on something that has changed the world through the way in which we view entertainment. His work, I believe, has huge influence over fashion and that usually underground aspect of club/scene/LA/NYC/Japan nightlife that most people who aren't a part of, fail to see. In ~that world~ I'm someone completely different than a regular college student. It's pretty fucking ridiculous, and the ecstasy high, isn't that bad either. Being a pretentious LA hipster is ballin'.

3. I am the "perfect cookie cutter rock fan" as told by a random frat boy. I mean, isn't that where you find the most honest opinions of you? When you're standing next to a gin bucket, about to have a chug-off? What a night. Anyways, as intoxicated as I was, I was still highly insulted that he called me that. I mean, music is music, and when someone tells you that the music you like is "so typical" of other people slash everyone else, what are you to say? No I don't go on, click on similar artist and force myself to listen to those artists because they're widely acclaim. Ew, fuck no. But, this brings me up to something I've been raving about. Radiohead. Most of you guys should know that Radiohead's In Rainbow was a pick your own price download. Honestly the best social experiment ever. Greenwood stated candidly, "It's fun to make people stop for a few seconds and think about what music is worth, that's just an interesting question to ask people." What price do you put on music made by the best band in the world?

4. I hate beer. 'nough said.

5. Bill Watterson is a genius. Calvin and Hobbes is undoubtedly the best comic strip ever. What's said is that there are hundreds of comic strips out there, and maybe like four are actually good. Thankfully, I have his wit and dry humor evidenced on my book shelf. Yes, I have all his collector editions books. Calvin's a smart boy but only chooses to be an asshole. (My kind of man.) What makes Calvin and Hobbes the best is the ability to make you laugh your ass off. It's so honest and relative. Moreover, what makes it fantastic is its ability to evoke emotions that seem so far-fetched from just a simple comic strip. Need proof? Here. I did that with my Macbook really quickly, read across. Pure genius.

6. I wish I was taller. 5'7" to be accurate. As a result, I mastered high-heels in fifth grade. Seriously, four-inch heels are nothing out of the usual. I'm usually that asshole who no matter what occasion, decides to wear heels. See me shopping for groceries (which I so don't) but if you happen to, I'm wearing heels. Please, give me my Manolos or Jimmy Choos any day. Flats are for pussies. And plus, they make your legs look SO sexual. I mean, who really wants to pass up extremely sexy legs? Be warned, I love my shoes.

7. I love giving people nicknames and quoting from movies. Mean Girls is usually the typ. But, anything goes. "Cady, will you please tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back?"

8. So lame, I know. But I'm obsessed with blogging. This, is of course, considering I skipped all my classes on Friday and instead, started this entry. And, I've just gotten back from a Corporate Hoes and Ceo's frat party... smoked cloves for the first time (thanks L) and got wicked drunk. Typical. I'm on my Macbook finishing my entry. That's some damn mother effing dedication folks. But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way...

Good night, I really need to pass out.


Bojana said...

Ooh, Kanye West's song in your title...wheee!!

Why, thank you!! (the comment n my blog) . I'll add you right away, you dirty lil hipster :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi love :)

I love your answers!

Ohhh and I also HATE beer and LOOOOOVE Calvin hehe


Anonymous said...

a really great post! i'm just a passerby i love radiohead's album!

discothequechic said...

hahh, this post made me chuckle.

Usually I tire of these blog versions of forwards, but yours was very well written, and so a pleasure to read.

But seriously, the Cobrasnake? yeahh, Bojanas right, you are a dirty little hipster! We want to see the pictures of course.

And I love the fact that you were blogging drunk! They say never drink and drive or never drink and dial, but who says that you can't drink and type?

great blog btw.

5%Celery said...

i also think that thecobrasnake is FASCINATING. not only the photos themselves, but the whole cult around it--girls follow that guy in hordes wherever he is. he can't go to parties anymore without girls posturing all around him. whenever i've been in his photos, i almost feel embarassed--like, no, no, i wasn't trying to be in the photo, i swear! i'm not one of them!!!
but what i find the most fascinating is that mark (the guy) purposely doesn't pick the most flattering shots. he sometimes picks the ones that look a little dirty, a little too late at night, a little too drunk; they really let you see right through the person's facade, i think. and then people don't realize this at all, and think it's just straight-up hipster glam.
anyway, i've obviously spent some time thinking about this. thanks, sociology degree!
:) >rr<