Wednesday, June 20, 2007

someone who can bring me back to you.

I started crying/tearing up while working at Nordstrom today. I saw a little Asian girl with her parents and her grandmother sitting by the cafe eating. I mean, I was just watching their every action and slowly becoming so insanely jealous of that little baby. Creepy, I know, but I miss my grandmother so much.


The Stiletto Effect said...

hi :)
i saw your comment on Ashley's blog and decided to check yours!
oh i so love it :) specially this post...
sometimes i feel the same you did that day. i miss my grandmother sooooo much, its was so hard when i lost her :( i just couldnt let go of it...
anyway :) you have a great blog

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hi sweety :)
lets exchange links of course, i'm gonna add you to both The Stiletto and my olther blog the Susana Daily.
I bet your hair looks great :)
I cut mine very short this time!
I first cut it from long to a short bob and last thursday into this short "Edie meets Sienna" haircut (ok, even shorter than that)
luv and kisses
Keep in touch

telestreet said...

kool blogy.