Friday, February 09, 2007

echoes of angels who won't return.

There's nothing like missing Chinese food and going to UC to buy their American style greasy/oily overly sauced sesame chicken and fried rice. But, what made it pretty sweet was the lovely fortune cookie. Flashbacks to The Simpsons with Homer being employeed as a fortune cookie writer and sitting with a huge typewriter with every Chinese character. Oh, good times.

If you know where the title is from, seriously best forgotten teenybopper. Moving on... much to my dismay, I will not be going to Boston for president's weekend. Sucks. I'm so bummed out. But, I guess there's other things to look foward to. YAY 4o'clock exams!

I'm finally going shopping since like the beginning of January. I'm excited, not going to lie. Even though the Lehigh Valley Mall sucks (even compared to Willowbrooke). There's an Abercrombie, so it's not the complete ghetto? hah. I'm seriously keeping it low key.

ps: For the previous post, I was going to do pictures, but that involved me using photoshop and actually putting effort into the design. Take my word for it.

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