Monday, February 12, 2007

doctor to shake a waking nightmare.

I'm dreading these next two weeks. I've been extra overly-anal about it, making up 3982394 schedules of days by the hour. Yes. That's me! Anyway, if there is someone out there who wants me to succeed in life this greater power better make sure that I make it through. I just want time to stop so I can seriously fix up all the broken things in my life. And that does include cleaning my insanely messy room. Anal/OCD isn't really a good shade for me. GBYE SANITY.

Went to the mall on Sat with dh, is, and lw... it was pretty fun spending the whole day with them. Got shittarted as ac uses it. Earlier that day we where doing the whole p-thing. Drama unfolded, yet again. Didn't make the dance team tryouts on Sun- but that just enforces the fact that I'm an ex-ballerina circa 6 years. But... I am looking foward to Sat as hopefully it will be a good night/time. Still debating the Nicole Miller dress/wanting to go back to the mall/knowing I should spend that time studying for exams.

But, in all this chaos, let us not remember the "good ole days." Oh President's Day weekend '06, how do I miss you. RIP. Yes, I'll be thinking about you. There's always next year? I'll probably make another post regarding this... but honestly, IT'S FUNNY HOW MUCH THINGS CHANGE IN A YEAR. I'm so sad about this- it just sucks so much. And everything else is just going downhill.

ps: And yet another reason why it sucks to be attending university in Bethlehem, PA.
1) freezing cold temperature 2) wind that never gives up 3) absolutely no snow days 4) classes still held during four o'clock exams 5) missing hitting the la scene 6) not getting photographed

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