Wednesday, February 13, 2008

viva forever, I'll be waiting.

These past few days have been so amazing. Theta stuff has been pretty sweet for the most part. I won't get into it but for those who are aware of Greek life, I got the best little ever!! And to top off a wonderful week, Saturday was our date party which consisted of the usual drunkfest. I love being absolutely ridiculous. I love my friends and uggh loved my little black number.

Sunday wasn't important. Whatevs.

And Monday. Monday was a religious experience aka I went to the Spice Girls reunion concert. We got a limo, wore dresss and drank wine on the ride there. It was perfect. Had AMAZING seats and basically relived my childhood. I cried haha. In the beginning. It was it wonderful. To be that close to V.Becks or any of them. I mean, seriously we where like in 4th/5th grade and they where a phenomenon. It was so worth it. Beautiful.

Another thing I just have to mention that puts a damp on my fantastic past week. My Macbook like died. So I basically got a brand new one and I have no songs on it anymore. Seriously, I spent all of this winter break fixing up my iTunes Library. And I didn't even think to back it up. I suck. Balls.

This update sucks. Sorry. I have so much to say. I can't even bother to put it all together. Promise a real entry soon. Stay warm and dry.

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