Sunday, January 27, 2008

jenny was a friend of mine.

Things seem pretty good lately. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I've been busy. Busy wasting my life away.

But, really. I've figured something out.

I used to only base my happiness on how thin my stomach felt and what the scale read and stuff and well, I mean now it's just a mix of things. I surround with people who make me happy... like v. happy. And that's good and all.

I'm sure.

But, I'm like, ugh. I'm all happy and stuff, but truthfully/deep down inside, I'm really not at all.

I need to lose like 30 lbs before I can feel any good about myself.
Get skinny or die trying, right?

Until next time-- perhaps, a few pounds lighter.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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discothequechic said...


Don't die trying..that really isn't the point! hehh.

Get a skipping rope and exercise in front of fashion TV, it's amazing how motivating it is.

But really, everyone has off days.

SKYLA said...

hey, don't know you, but don't go overboard dieting. we're generally so hung up on what we look like, we don't realise that those imperfections we hate often go unnoticed. i bet you don't need to lose the weight =)
sorry if that was kind of intense, just that i have an anorexic friend and it's not nice to see her so unhappy. even now she's so thin, she's so miserable.
anyway sorry for the blabbing =) x