Tuesday, August 07, 2007

meet me where 8th and ocean cross.

Can I even begin to digest no pun intended how much has happened in just 4 weeks? Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been too busyLAZY! You can thank me throwing up this entire morning for actually signing onto my laptop. But I've been meaning to update... you know when something occurs and all you think is, "Where's my wireless connection? I need to put this incredibly wise, head scratcher post up."

I've gone to thinking that all this "fashion is what defines you/find your own style blahblah" … all that Vogue and TeenCosmo "style on a budget" concept that any girl can have is a load of bs. Honestly, how can an 18 year old find any practicality in fashion let alone finding your personal style? No to Abercrombie tops and Bebe capris. Maybe I'm overlooking something major and this is all just a mistake, but how can I manage to find my style and actually execute and put it together when something I want for my look is a 200 plus Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse? Yes, I'll admit, maybe it has something to do with brand snobbery, but regardless, it's your own style. And most likely, your parent's money.

Now, my whole practicality argument. Fashion for me is just not practical. Style on a budget is impossible. And, I'm not saying that I want to fill my closets up with Chanel and Phillip Lim. But it's just so hypocritical to say that to be stylish, you've got to shell out so much money. I yearn for a pair of boots that cost 290 only to which I can’t wear in college because it will be a bitch to walk to class in and even so, going out on weekends is a no-no because no one would dare wear Blahniks to a college frat party.

So where am I stuck?


The Stiletto Effect said...

ahhh i'm so glad you are posting again :)
i agree when you say fashion is not practical! well... i mean... some accessories and clothings are not practical at all!

ashley heaton said...

i totally agree, it's tought...vintage shopping is always good though, you can find a lot of items that could pass for designer that way :)

.m. said...

Fashion on a budget exists, but it's lame.
It's style on a budget that I sometimes think doesn't exist. Great post.

fashionistakay said...

I think you need to buy what makes you you when it comes to style. But I really think that you can shop with breaking the bank successfully. Its a matter of finding the right shop(s)that sells clothing with quality and reasonable prices.
p.s. check out my latest post sometime!would really like to hear your opinion.

Anonymous said...

that's why i buy all my stuff severely marked down, or make my own clothing.
i agree though--complete trash.

can we paper mache the way with vogue spreads?
and project runway?

<3 rachel