Monday, July 02, 2007

get off the bandwagon.

So much for an enjoyable 4th of July weekend. haha There's nothing like getting bugspray on an entire side of your louis vuitton purse to make you freak the shit out, post on thepurseforum, and drive to 7-11 at 12am in hopes of finding non-alcoholic baby wipes.

Just for future reference, they don't sell it

... oh, and Shoprite opens at 7am.


The Stiletto Effect said...

lol :)

Jennifer said...

I never thought of getting none alcoholic ones...

Oh and i'm glad you had a good 4th!!

Jennifer said...

aww that's terrbile, i'm sorry about your louis :(

The Stiletto Effect said...

ah :( i'm sorry about that :( damn i hate when those thngs happen!

Mr Hankey said...

Is the Louis ok now?
Did the baby wipes do the job??

Love the blog, I added a link to you from mine.