Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

Happy first day of spring! Minus the fact that it's cold and windy outside.

I've been an emotional fruitcake these past few days. I've just wanted to waste my life sleeping and/or napping. St. Patty's was fun, minus the shit loads of fucking snow that ruined half the original plans for the weekend. Stayed in on Friday after I got bad news. Ps: Thanks to all those people who actually care and give a damn about me. Sat... let's just say tequila still overcomes life's harshest battles.

Exams are this and the upcoming week and I could not be any more out-of-the-loop or NOT IN THE MOOD to study. I just want for it to be summer. We're in the long stretch. I still have yet to figure out wtf my plans are for Coachella, jw brought me tickets, but it's the shittest timing ever. Damn Lehigh exam scheduling! Speaking of Lehigh... I figured out romming/roommate for next year! Yay, kp! So excited for our PLAYBOY suite.

Shit, I should be studying for my envirosci exam tomorrow.

Not really breaking news, but it's not really a "ps:" I think I'm officially in love with my economics professor. He's Austrialian, good looking, oh did I mention he has a wife in NYC? My bad.

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