Friday, March 16, 2007

that's what everyone's talking about.

So what's up with the weather? It was 75degrees on Wednesday and now it's snowing. Righttt! So much for putting away my Coach boots. Uhm, hopefully this weekend will be fun. Seriously, I'm not going to drink anymore until after all my exams are done. Haha. St Patty's day better make up for all the stress I'll have to deal with for the rest of the semester. Na and dvnb where supposed to come on Sat but I don't think they can. (?) We'll see about this. Missing out girls!

It's a long stretch til freshmen year is over. What else is there to look for? A couple of things. And some things that need fixing.

I've just been feeling so closed here. Maybe the city is really where I should belong. I mean everyone says that. There's only that much fun you can get from "the hill." So over it. Well except when there's hard liquor involved. hah USC was my #1 school, but the job placing sucks there. NYU's a close, but it's a bitch and 1/2 getting into Stern. If I was only smart enough to get into Upenn.

ac: You know you made it big when you go to a house party in the BRidge and some girls come up to you and say, "Holy shit, your picture is hanging in the Short Hills Nordstroms!" representHOLLA!

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5%C. said...

darling, you have the best list of links i've ever seen on a blog. way to go.

and USC? please. you don't want to be there. L.A., yes (hello, what would my blog be without it?)--USC, no no no.

> r r <