Sunday, January 21, 2007

the more you say the more I'm at ease.

I'm so sick of the fucking printer system at Lehigh. Oh my god. Why did my printer run out of ink? And why did I forget to tell my dad to bring an ink cartridge when I had the chance too?

See right now I feel like I'm "behind" in stuff (hw etc) and that I have a lot of stuff to do/finish. But, I think that I'm actually like "good." But yeah, maybe I should just read my econ / envir sci chapters?

The parents came today which was really nice. Had a great conversation with both of them over dinner. And learned a lot about the family/secrets/drama that's beeng circulating recently. Now, I just have to read the 49+ pages of estate/inheritance IRS forms. Man, am I excited! 706 HERE I COME!!

I started watching Ugly Betty today. Screaming copy of Devil Wears Prada, yes? But, nevertheless, I like it still.

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