Saturday, January 13, 2007

let's find a bar so dark we forget who we are.

So today was the worst day of my life. Pathetic, I know. And the funny thing is when I look back 30 years from now, I'll probably laugh. (Well, let's hope so.) Who knows? But for now, this sucks so fucking much. I don't think I've ever felt so heartbroken in my life.

And on top of that, I'm just wasting my life away. NYFW is February 2-9 and I might and/or had a slight opportunity to volunteer for IMG. Well maybe I'm pushing reality a little bit / a lot. But obviously even if I had this chance, I couldn't do it. And well this got me thinking...

I've always admired people who take huge risks. You know, for example's sake, people who are so set on something. This "freedom:" drop out of college, move to the city, get a job, try to mingle with the right people to "get noticed" / break into the business, live pennyless, ETC.

All I want to do is learn all I can about fashion. It's probably the only thing I care about. Now, what can I do about it? Absolutely nothing...

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