Friday, December 22, 2006

there would be only one thing worse.

So I've decided that I'm going be very productive this break. Yeah, considering that I have til Janurary 9th to accomplish all this stuff, it's going to be quite a feat.
  • haircut
  • dye hair ? (jet black or darkdark brown)
  • mani & pedi
  • eyebrows waxed
  • work out / run
  • eat healthy
  • hang out w/ sara & others
  • buy some cute clothes & accessories
  • go to costco & get photos printed
  • buy Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD for jw
  • go to the library & borrow books to read
  • catch up on my magazines
  • watch movies that I've been meaning to watch
Hm, seems pretty complete. Anyway I'm officially done with my first semester at Lehigh. It sort of feels good, actually not really. There's so much that I should have done. Ever since I've been back my mom constantly nags me, "Oh if you don't get all A's." It just doesn't stop. Seriously, I didn't get all A's in high school, what legit assumption does she have to make that I will now? But, really, I do want to do well at Lehigh. I just don't know what happened. Actually that's a lie, I do. (I think?)

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