Thursday, December 21, 2006

a good day well spent.

I will like to think that today was productive? Woke up at 12pm, showered, then went to the library to borrow books and dvds. Ie, in particular to finish up my english class. And basically borrowed the whole Gossip Girl series, just because I lovelovelove trashy teenage novels. It's the Sex and the City in me. Shit, we won't get into details, but whatevs. Saw the "new breed" of Mville AZNs, oh so dandy. Haha, I love it.

Anyway, watched Crash on youtube, napped, and now I'm gonna watch Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in a few. So I'm totally excited to watch the *new* episode of The O.C. Not going to lie. Sure, I was a disbeliever last season, thinking it completely sucked. But, I've changed--and long behold, I'm a believer. I'm sorry I doubted you in the beginning. Fuck Mischa Barton and the *real* reason why she left/was fired from the show. TVGuide says that Taylor Townsend saved The O.C. I beg to differ. Obvi not giving you too much credit. I can't put my hands on why the show is appealing now? But, I think it's Willa Holland. She's the typical badass. LOVEher. And her character. Haha, she's my myspace friend.

It's not snowing outside, and it's not "Holiday spirit cold" yet. So, I really don't feel like Christmas is only 4 days away. Not as hyped up for the holiday, I guess? Weird. But warming up with hot coffee and a blanket and snugglying to The O.C., now that screams a good day well spent.

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