Wednesday, May 07, 2008

what matters is that you were mine.

So I'm back in New Jersey. So happy. Done with school. Well, except that I'm taking a class over the summer. Whatever. There's so much stuff that I'm looking forward too slash have planned.
  1. Get back in shape. No more beer. Or drunk snacking at 3am.
  2. Fix my iTunes, buy an iPod.
  3. Need to go to the city as much as I can and just get lost there.
  4. SEX AND THE CITY movie!!
  5. Weeds & Entourage season premiere
  6. Start reading again
  7. Fly to cali in August to visit some bitches
  8. Maintain my tan
  9. Play tennis
  10. Improve my awesome skills at guitar hero/rock band

1 comment:

discothequechic said...

dayyum i wish i was on holiday.
right now.