Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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*Originally posted in Of Vice and Men*

I’m sure people want to know what being a fashion intern means… and like you, I wasn’t even that sure when I applied. I just assumed that I would be surrounded by Alexander Wang, Burberry, Prada and Phillip Lim. Which, I mean, isn’t that far-fetched.

But there’s a lot of stuff that LC, The Hills and MTV forgot to air:

  1. There is ALWAYS something to do.
    — Sorry, LC. You don’t just sit around at an Apple computer all day. Each intern is assigned to their own computer or (in some most cases) the interns have to fight over one and wait to use it. You get a company email address to professionally use in emailing PR companies or fashion contacts asking for correct return addresses or help with credit info. But, whether it be reorganizing shoes, the clothing racks or even straightening the hangers, there is always something to do. While I wait for my boss to assign me a new task (she’s usually busy on the phone or sending out emails), I am straightening out the closet, picking up loose papers, filing invoices or taking a quick bathroom break. You really shouldn’t be sitting around doing nothing.
  2. Have your business email open 24/7.
    — You never know when someone is going to ask you print out 12 different lookbooks (it’s happened!) or take pictures of the new inventory and put it into an Excel spreadsheet or even make a quick in person pick up/return to Cartier. Some people say the office lacks the person-to-person atmosphere by having communication through email, but my opinion is that it’s a lot more efficient… and it’s a lot easier to backtrack or just track in general.
  3. There’s not always a token Whitney who asks you questions about whether Brody has a new girlfriend or why BFFL Lo doesn’t like Audrina.
    — I have a great boss who probably, hands down, AMAZING. She’s so sweet, chill and always willing to answer any of my questions. I can’t really speak for all publications, but I know the days before I started, I thought I would not even talk to anyone besides the other intern. Nope! Just today my boss and I talked about how mixing together college friends and hometown/high school friends for a birthday party she threw before was a fail for her. The atmosphere is candid, but everyone is still working while lusting over the same pair of boots from Barneys.
  4. Lunch is a privilege a waste of time.
    — You don’t get a hour break. It’s usually 30 minutes and you’re sitting in the fashion closet eating… while checking off invoices. Yes, you really don’t have enough time to go out and eat (which was my original impression) but, you can order Wichcraft online and have it delivered!
  5. This is a fashion magazine.
    — In this NY Mag article an ex-Vogue intern said, “We had a meeting in the very beginning of the summer and they were like, ‘We’re not going to tell you you have to go buy a whole new wardrobe and buy expensive clothes, but it’s a high-fashion magazine — you should dress the part.’” Look the part. Don’t buy everything from Bergdorfs but invest in classic pieces that you can mix and match to broaden your outfit choices. I’m particularly fond of Michael Kors and Theory! Don’t dress sloppy.
  6. *** DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!!!! ***
    — You can never be too sure about anything.Always double check and ask questions. CLARIFY. Seriously, you’re an intern and even though I’ve lucked out with an amazing (forgiving) boss, I really wouldn’t want to bother her with my mistakes and tiny mess ups that can be prevented with careful review and double checking. Trust me, they’re more than happy to answer your questions! Before I submit a request for a pickup, I always triple check the address, contact info, etcetc. It takes less than 5 minutes to do it and it will probably take 30 minutes to get through to the mailing service to fix your screw up!! So always be careful!


emily said...

thanks for this entry! i actually really want to be an intern at something like that when i'm older, so i'll keep that in mind, especially since i have visions of being surrounded with alexander wang too.

Gillie said...

wow. sounds exciting. thanks for the info.

ashley heaton said...

aww i would love love love to make you a dress. when you feel like it send me measurements and specifics and i'll send you a sketch :)

the fashion product development program is a combination of marketing and design classes - it prepares you to go into fashion PR or to be a designer/product developer for "runway copycat" brands - forever21, bebe, zara, etc. so it's a little of everything.

PS congrats on your internship! I did similar work as a fashion PR intern but a magazine seems like SO much fun - busier and more variety in the clothes! hope you're having a blast!

chloe said...

wow. thank you for the info. sounds really interesting (:

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The Stiletto Effect said...

hey! where have you been? come back to blogging...

The Stiletto Effect said...

it was an interesting post to read!good going :)

Fabi said...

great post!! even though the closest thing to an internship I'm planning on getting is at a seamstress' shop...hehe... ;)

so where are you going again? new blog?? or break?