Friday, April 06, 2007

if it's true then tell me how it got this way.

  • It's April. It snowed.
  • Fall 07 registration is Tuesday. All the class I want/plan on taking are MWF. I can't make a half decent schedule. Well, either I get good teachers and have all my 5 classes on MWF with the likely possibility of an 8am-er. Or I get the bad teachers and have a more "normal" schedule. Looks like my sophomore fall semester is going to suck ass. HELLO 8AM AND 5 STRAIGHT CLASSES!
  • I have an interview with Nordstroms on May 14th!
edit/ So yeah, I just really looked at the scheduling for next year. I'm so screwed. I can't even possibly have a schedule with the best teachers. This sucks. I seriously would do 8-4 MWF if I could have the best teachers. I don't care now. Damnit bitches.

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